Move a broad range of products and packaging to the right places at the right time

Increasing order volumes, strict requirements for delivery speeds and constantly evolving packaging. Sortation systems must handle all of these challenges and more to keep finely tuned parcel and e-commerce distribution operations moving. From less than 5,000 to over 50,000 items per hour, MHS offers a broad range of sortation technology to meet today’s needs and expand capacity as the business grows.

MHS maintains control of all aspects of sortation projects in-house, from design, engineering, and installation to controls, manufacturing and ongoing maintenance. This expedites project timelines and simplifies troubleshooting, ensuring high-quality systems that run at peak efficiency. For greenfield and brownfield projects alike, take advantage of integration expertise to optimize product flow, with the right sortation technology and supporting systems in an efficient footprint.


Sliding shoe sortation

Line sorter with high density diverts and high rate capability, ideal for fast-paced, high volume distribution.

Tilt-tray and cross-belt sorters

Flat carrying surface ideal for a broad array of smaller items and packaging types found in e-commerce.

Swivel wheel sorter

Lower volume, less costly option using pop-up wheels to pivot and direct items to proper divert destination.

Vertical sortation

Move products between levels in a reliable, space-efficient package.

More sortation solutions in action

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