Leverage current technology to improve system performance and uptime

The supply chain is changing faster than ever – and your material handling systems need to keep pace. Whether your goal is to improve performance and uptime, adapt to evolving safety regulations or manage obsolescence, MHS’s modernization offerings can help you extend asset longevity and maximize return on investment.

MHS matches aging hardware and software with the right modernization services at the right time. We work with customers to deploy solutions developed for individual systems across multi-site distribution center networks – making the most efficient use of CapEx resources.


Keep up with growing demand by strategically adding new technologies and implementing system modifications to optimize existing footprint and extend overall system lifecycle.


Replace outdated system components for critical assets like sorting and gapping equipment to meet performance benchmarks or regulatory changes.


Analyze system health and current technology to prioritize modernization based on capital constraints, performance requirements and more.


Controls upgrades to convert aging PC- or computer-based equipment into a more capable PLC-based solution to drive greater throughput.

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